Regal Gate Case Study

Phase 1 Awareness Marketing Campaign

Regalpoint Homes appointed HD Marketing to manage the complete marketing for their project Regal Gate, a collection of four apartments adjacent to Tunbridge Wells Station. As such, HD Marketing put together a bespoke Phase 1 campaign, with the aim to build as much awareness and site presence as possible for the site before building commenced, in a cost effective manner.


Branding Image.png

The initial stage was to brainstorm a branding concept that would run through all marketing materials. The design team decided on a clean and simple composition to reflect the modernistic architecture of Regal Gate. The feature "R" was inspired by the introductory CAD designs, reflecting the wire frame of the building. The golden colour theme was enhanced effectively by the use of a dark background and was in keeping with the "regal" aspect of the development - well suited to reflect the affluent location these apartments enjoy.


Whilst the studio were creating the concept of the brand, our digital design department started creating a CGI to realistically represent what Regal Gate would look like once building work was complete. This was made in accordance with the architectural drawings supplied by Regalpoint Homes, who were very pleased with the end result and signed off the CGI first time round.  

Site Visit & Signage

Sign 1.png
Sign 2.png

In order to get an accurate idea of where to place signage for maximum effect, a site visit was arranged with Regalpoint Homes. This allowed for a deeper understanding of the development, its situation, and which locations will be best placed for future signage. As a result of this, an ideal spot was identified to target high numbers of commuters (one of Regal Gates' main target markets). A large PVC banner was placed here, and a di-bond pillar sign was situated in a prominent position along the main high street with the inclusion of the new CGI and some bold wording to draw further attention to the site. By utilising Regal Gate's location to its full potential, HD Marketing has encouraged the self-promotion of the site, without having to resort to costly advertising at this early stage.


HD Marketing's designer and copywriter worked in unison to create a digital brochure (as the site is in its preliminary stages) that highlighted Regal Gate's main selling points; its central Tunbridge Wells location, contemporary style, and high build quality. This could be supplied via email by Regalpoint Homes or HD Marketing to potential investors and buyers, at a low cost.  


Social media.png

The PR department ensured that as much coverage as possible appeared over a range of media platforms. This included appearances in well-known local newspapers and magazines, regular social media posts, and radio features - all covering large audiences.


During Phase one of its campaign, HD Marketing has utilised their new homes and local market knowledge to steadily build up interest and attention around Regal Gate. A privileged customer database has also been created and can be employed during phase 2 of the marketing. This was completed within 2-4 weeks of the proposal's approval, and was achieved thanks to a harmonious and inclusive work ethic between departments and with the client.