8 Steps for success after planning permission


If you're new to the housbuilding game, or just haven't yet dipped your toe into property marketing waters, you may be overwhelmed with the range of different services on offer to help you sell your property. Once you have achieved planning consent, the next step is building and ensuring the success of the site. Here 's a helpful guide to help navigate you towards the end goal.   

1. Strategy

Start by consulting a marketing professional to discuss your timelines and requirements, working together to lay out a detailed plan of action for the lifespan of the project. With a solid strategy in place, you may even be able to achieve sell out success before the contractors are out.

2. CGIs

You may have a clear end product in your mind, but can everyone else see it as clearly? This is where CGIs come into their own. Being able to accurately represent the internal and external vision is paramount to achieving future investment, popularity, and ultimately sales. Keep it simple with a single external mock up, or go into more depth with a detailed 3D fly through and animation.

3. Website/Holding Page

Cover your online presence by creating an attractive new holding website or update your current site with a news page. It is important to provide a space for updates and information about the site's progress, which can be easily seen and accessed by the public.

4. Teaser Campaign

Once the groundwork has been put in place, it's time to hit the ground running with a teaser campaign to get as many off-plan sales as possible. The more bases covered in this case the better; newspaper and magazine adverts, online banners, email campaigns, PR and social media - as many platforms as possible. By covering digital, social, and physical media with well-placed, informative messages, you will start to create interest and anticipation for your site, and a good marketing company will be able to advise on the best combinations for you.

5. Local Awareness

As well as canvasing awareness within the media, it's also important to direct people towards the site's location with signage. Whether it's a small AA sign on a rural lane, large hoarding to cover the entire site, or even a building wrap on the scaffolding, it will help trigger the interest of passers by.    

6. Brochure

This is what customers will be taking away to show to their partners, families and friends, so it's got to be something that sells the lifestyle they are envisaging. Get a team of expert designers, writers, and photographers to help show your scheme in the best light possible.

7. Open Day

It's time to show off your site to the public - so now comes the all-important open day. There would be nothing worse than a sparsely populated event, which is why employing a marketing company with the tricks of the trade is a wise move. They will ensure that as many people as possible know when/where/what is happening, and guarantee that the houses are the starts of the show.   

8. All Sold Out?

By now you will have sold all of your properties, congratulations! But don't drop the ball here - make sure you make the most out of the hard work you've put in. Get some professional photography of the homes, ask your new residents for some testimonials, or enter the scheme into an award. All these ventures will do wonders for your industry standing, public reception and future projects.

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