A guide to contemporary property technology

Now more than ever is a very exciting time for housebuilders, with technological advancements bringing renewed vigour to the industry - at a time when their efficiency has never been more important.


It's greener on the other side:

One of the biggest pioneering areas has to be that of green building materials, where an abundance of new products have been developed to help lessen a homes environmental impact. Take for example the Zip System Stretch Tape, a new material being used to make weatherproofing much easier and more effective. The innovate tape can stretch around any shape, is 40% quicker to use, and is more effective at insulating and protecting its underlying materials than a normal housewrap.

Another ground-breaking product is Altered:Nozzle, an attachment for taps that uses much less water than a standard tap. Its mist mode uses 98% less water and the super saver mode uses 75% less. Similarly, well renowned company GROHE have recently released a tap that amongst other things features bi-directional communication, allowing its users to see their usage information and consumption rates. These products are helping to raise people’s awareness of their environmental impacts, leading to a positive and easy switch to a more ecological lifestyle.

An interactive house viewing:

It is not just housebuilders that are storming ahead with new technologies. Estate agents are level pegging, with advancements that will make searching/purchasing a property that much easier. This is where virtual viewings are coming into their own, with more and more agencies introducing VR viewings via headsets, or 360-degree videos on phones. Many would argue that it is important for traditional estate agents to keep on top of the changing face of the market, with so many new proptech start-ups threatening them.

The rise of proptech has led to new ways to experience property buying and selling without the need of traditional estate agents. PurpleBricks is an online only estate-agent that promotes transparency with its customers by charging flat rates and allowing them to oversee every aspect of their transaction as it happens.

Similarly, Rentify is a site specifically for private landlords looking to rent out their property without the use of high street agents. Everything is organised through the platform, which has a 24/7 helpline, and charges a 4% commission as appose to the 15% that most estate agents apply.

Virtual Property Marketing:

From a property marketing perspective, we are harnessing the virtual tools that are now so readily available. Property CGIs have always been an important aspect for housebuilders to utilise, and here at HD Marketing, we are well versed in what's attractive within the market. Whether it is a flythrough of a new property, or 3D floorplans for a scheme not yet built, our CGI department is versatile in delivering the most accurate and realistic looking graphics to help sell our housebuilders projects.

To find out more about the services we offer or to arrange a CGI consultation, please contact HD Marketing on 01892 576502, or email us on info@hdmarketing.co.uk

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