How to become an award-winning housebuilder


"Award-winning" has an enticing ring to it, and as a precursor to a company name, it packs an impressive punch. But how exactly can you achieve such an accolade?

Pick your best asset

Firstly identify what it is about your company or development that stands out; is it the unique design of your homes? The way the homes fit in with their surroundings? The help your scheme gives the wider community? There is an award out there for all of these, so pinpoint your USPs and go and find it.

Employ an expert

This can be a tricky process, so seeking the help of an expert is key. This way they do the hard work for you and can shed light on the insider opinions of each award - some are held in higher esteem than others, and it's important to go for the most suitable and credible for your aims.

Create an amazing entry

The submission pack is arguably even more important than the project being entered. This will be the first introduction the judges have to your homes and it must quickly catch their eye, highlighting why you should be considered. This is where the copywriting and design comes in. They will immerse themselves in your project, learning all there is to know and tailoring your entry to capture the judges and get to the heart of their criteria.

Submit and wait

Once you have signed off your well-designed and professionally printed entry, this will be sent off to the awards body to be judged. Your employed experts will then keep track of timings, inform and organise any site visits that come as a result of your entry. If this does happen, it is the first victory of the process - by enticing the judges to visit your product you know they are already impressed, and now is the time for your product to shine.


If, once the site visit is complete you become shortlisted, this is extremely promising. Now is the time to purchase your tickets to the award ceremony and plan your outfits. These are great events to attend, with glitzy venues, exciting guest speakers and plenty of opportunities to network. Best of luck!

If you are interested in entering an award and showcasing just how outstanding your new homes are, HD Marketing has an excellent track record in producing award-winning entries. To arrange an award consultation, please call us on 01892 576502 or email

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